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What is Google Trends? Using Google Trends for SEO

Building content according to trends is one of the very effective ways to help your website attract users. So how can you know what current trends are? You can use Google Trends to find out which issues users are most concerned about today that are relevant to your area of ​​business. Learn about Google Trends in the article below.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a search engine that helps you get statistics about how often keywords, topics, specific phrases, and the interest of a keyword increase by Google compared to the total search volume of the page web in a certain amount of time.

When you use Google Trends to search according to user trends, the results are statistically displayed and displayed in a chart form called a "Search Volume Index" chart. You will see the time at which you point the mouse pointer on the chart, you can also rely on the chart to gauge the time, when the keyword level is of high interest and when that interest drops low.

How to apply Google Trends in SEO

If you are an SEOer, you will surely understand one thing that when you make your content catch up with the latest trends, your content will impress and attract readers. It’s also making your website become more interesting and the SEO ranking of the business will increase. The effects that Google Trends brings to your business are as follows:

- Google Trends helps you track, periodic keyword statistics

In order to make an effective SEO campaign, keywords are an indispensable element, to build effective keywords you need to know what users are needing and care about. What is relevant to exploit for your business, Google Trends will help you do that. This tool will show the search term statistics on Google search pages such as default search, news search, image search, or video search.

- Help you compare parameters of keywords

If you need to evaluate the parameters of 2 or more different keywords, the Google Trends tool will help you solve that problem easily through visual charts and the latest information of the day.

- Identify trending keywords and create effective content

With each time there are issues and interesting information, the number of keywords related to the problem, that information is very much searched and searched by users on the Google network. Google Trends will help you identify relevant keywords that are of interest. Your job is to select keywords related to the business such as business sector, brand, service, product, ... then based on that to build the appropriate keyword set and develop declare content in SEO. Building trending content will help you increase audience engagement and help boost SEO rankings.

Google Trends is an extremely effective tool to help you find, exploit and build effective keywords according to user trends, thereby making your website content more attractive and helping you to do SEO effectively.



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