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What are Backlinks?

Many people mistakenly thought that just designing a beautiful website means it will automatically have customers coming to buy. This is a very wrong way of thinking! Simply understood, the website is your store, but this store is located in an alley, in order to be known by many people and buy goods, you have to open the advertising speaker, hang up the brand promotion banner in everywhere people come to know the store and buy from you. Selling through the website is the same, there are hundreds of thousands of websites selling online as your website. If you do not do online marketing, PR promotes, no one will know your website to buy.

If you want a successful online business, you must use at least one marketing channel. There are some popular online marketing channels such as running Facebook ads, running Google AdWords ads, and SEO websites. Among the above-mentioned marketing channels, SEO is a long-standing method, the main marketing channel. To start SEO Website to the top, there are many things to do, many concepts need to understand. In which the most prominent is the concept of content and what is Backlink? In today's article, we will go to learning what Backlink is?

What are Backlinks?

The term Backlink is also called "inbound link" or "incoming link" is a link from one website to another. Links to an external website are understood as links returned from websites, blogs, forums, or other social networks to your website.

Why Backlinks is important?

In the process of doing SEO, it is divided into 2 parts, namely Seo Onpage and Seo Offpage and Backlink is the most important factor in the Offpage, it determines the factors that bring keywords to the top and your position is high or low. a lot on the Page Rank of your website, but Page Rank depends quite a lot on the Backlink.

In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that other people verify your content. If multiple websites link to the same website or website, search engines may deduce that valuable content should have multiple incoming links and thus also impact on SERP ranking.



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