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The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development

What are the differences between web design and web development? Can a person work with web design and develop the web? If I am a business owner and am looking for people to undertake the construction of websites and related applications, how should I hire people? All of these questions will be answered by us in the article below by comparing the two positions of Web Design (web designer) and Web developer (Web developer).

What is Web Design?

The web designer is responsible for creating the primitive version of a website (visual web design). After the editing and finishing process, the complete design will be passed on to web developers for coding HTML, coding web scripts, or other general coding finishes. Both web designers and web developers work for a single common purpose - creating a website or web application that attracts users.

Web design work focuses mainly on front-end elements, or in other words, the factors related to the "look and feel" of a website. This design work requires always considering the user's feelings and obviously the skill of graphic design (graphic design) proficient. Web designers need to be quick to combine color palettes, typography, and other design elements properly to create quality products including the layout/format of the website, branding logo, wireframe, mock-up, and story-board, ...

What is Web Development?

A web developer builds a framework for a website using software such as Javascript and JQuery, to create a web page that works smoothly, then web designers will "beautify" the website with ideas. thought of their creation. The main role of a web developer is similar to being web design, building, and maintaining websites. Web developers can work in-house or freelance, but the responsibilities, specific tasks, and related jobs of each person will depend on whether they have front-end, back-end, or full expertise. stack.

The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development

Each job or position requires different skills, experience, and knowledge. If the web design job requires an employee with knowledge of art and understanding of user psychology, to complete the job of a web developer well, you need some knowledge of HTML / XHTML code, CSS, JavaScript besides the basics of server structure and Search Engine Optimization.

Experience working with server-side frameworks such as python, ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, ASP.NET, and experience working with SQL and Oracle database systems are also inevitably necessary and useful for web developers.



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In conclusion

If the main task of a web developer is to use complex coding languages ​​to build the core structure of the website to ensure the website will run smoothly, without any technical problems, then a web designer's main job is to use visual elements (colors, shapes) to build the "face" of the website. The web designer's work is focused on providing a more visual experience for the viewer. You can imagine developers as construction workers while designers act as architects - both are needed to build a website, they are just in charge of different parts.


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