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The online market is both an opportunity to easily reach customers, but also a challenge because its competition is very high. So which online marketing strategies for small businesses will help the company survive and rise more and more amid the crowds of large and small online brands?

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the use of electronic means, computer network technology to research the market, come up with product development strategies, promote through the internet, and bring goods and services of enterprises to consumers quickly. Thus, it can be seen that the role of online marketing is extremely important.

Online marketing includes various jobs such as Web design, develop SEO strategy, advertising on social media, search engine marketing, and viral marketing campaigns. All are for the purpose of attracting the attention of Internet users to the products and services of the enterprise, promoting the efficiency of sales for that enterprise through the online form. Some specific forms of online marketing activities that are commonly used today are:

  • Social Media Marketing:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Adwords

  • Email Marketing

Online Marketing TIP #1: Mix channel instead of relying on just one tool

Mixing multiple tools, multiple channels for product/brand marketing to increase conversion rate. At the same time, it will help you reach more target customers.

Your customers are using multichannel to find information.

They don't just watch the ads you run. They also continue to Google Search for the product, surf on Facebook to see your Fanpage, chat on the website, call the hotline, ...

Your customers are online on multiple channels. You also need channel Online Marketing.

However, small and medium companies are limited in budget and implementation resources. The problem here is how to choose the most suitable channel:

Find out which channels your target customers typically use. One of the channels your customers use most is Google Search. Therefore, you should have a website and run local SEO or run Google Adwords for the website. The website is also the center for all online channels to lead access to.

Evaluate how important each channel is to the category of your business.

Consider your budget, affordable, resources (for example, you want to run email but have limited data, while you have the human resources that understand and do well in SEO, ...)

Choosing the right channel is based on an assessment of the importance and considering your budget, capabilities, and resources.

If you have a big budget, you can "Mix" more channels. If you have a tight budget, choose at least 3 channels for yourself instead of depending entirely on a single channel.

Online Marketing TIP #2: Divide the target market into a small segment

Every game needs a backup plan. "Mixing of channels" is an effective backup strategy when a channel goes down unexpectedly or when that channel dies. The rest of the channels will ensure that you still have an instant source of revenue. At the same time, you have experience operating the remaining channels, so you will know how to push, how much to push to make up for the lost revenue. Imagine, you only know and specialize in a channel and when this channel dies, it's embarrassing because when using a new channel or tool, you need time to be effective.



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Unless you have the budget for a head-to-head battle, the money will fly and you will be swallowed up by your competitors.

You are not strong enough? So let's divide the market and put your effort into a small scale that's just right for you. Once you've captured that segment, you will expand slowly.

Let's divide the market. Where to beat it must be sure!

Example: You invest in SEO website services, if you choose keywords with a large amount of search (usually short, generic keywords), you will have to confront the giants in the industry. Short keywords have a high search volume, so the competition is also very fierce.

Instead of choosing a head-on strategy that causes a high loss rate on your part, you can choose to detour with longer keywords. Despite the lack of searches, long keywords are 5 times more likely to convert a purchase than long keywords.

A short keyword like " bookkeeping" can be divided into countless long keywords: What is bookkeeping, What does a bookkeeper do, How much does a bookkeeper make, bookkeepers near me, free bookkeeping software..., the market is being subdivided according to search demand, and competition is also subdivided.

Small and medium companies that want to survive and develop in the online environment must first have an Online Marketing strategy in the right direction, this is the "backbone" of your Online business. It determines 60% of success. The remaining 40% is decided on implementation, control, and improvement.


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