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SEO Services for Law Firms

In the digital world of today, so many people are now going online to find information, compare products or services. And if your law firm is visual within the moment your potential customers are searching for legal advice, you have a good chance to impress them and convert them into your paying customers. That is why SEO services for law firms are so important to get found online.


In this following blog post, we’ll explain what SEO services for lawyers are and outline how your firm could benefit from a law firm SEO agency.

What Is Law Firm SEO?

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the traffic of a law firms’ website by obtaining first-page ranking positions in search engines results pages. If law firm SEO is done properly, your website will show up after the audiences enter some keywords or phrases related to the law firm industry on Google, Bing, or another search engine.

If your law firm appears on the first result page, you’ll get more visitors to your website. Once visitors click on your links within the organic results. And if your website provides them with the initial and helpful information they are looking for, they’ll reach out to you to learn more about your services.

Of course, sometimes ads positions always appear on the three top and they take away a large number of your visitors. Nevertheless, a law firm SEO agency can help you to build and implement an SEO strategy and you’ll be able to rank in the number one position of the organic search result without paying for advertisements.

Why Is Law Firm SEO important?

When people need a lawyer or legal services, they typically use one of the following ways to find: word of mouth, social media, search engines.

  • You can get customers from word of mouth, but it limits your boundaries.

  • The ability to reach a lot of people organically on social media has also dropped significantly over the past several years, especially on platforms like Facebook.

  • Whereas organic search traffic is a significant marketing channel that is often overlooked.

With SEO, you can increase recognition of your law firm’s brand and drive potential leads to your website, which could in turn help you get more customers and grow your business.

According to the 2019 Legal Trends Reports, 17% of legal customers looked for a lawyer via online search, ranking at the second-most of any method.

What Are the Benefits of SEO Services for Law Firms?

While you can learn the basic fundamentals of SEO for lawyers, it takes a long time for your website to start showing up and get paying customers from search engine optimization. SEO is a long-run game that’s worth outsourcing to the expertise of SEO services for law firms. Here are a few reasons why:

You’ll leverage their expertise. SEO consultants are already SEO expertise, they know how to take your law firm’s website to the next level. It is a complex, time-intensive, and ever-evolving process so they will implement properly at the outset, helping your website to take off from the ground.

You’ll save time. As a business owner, you’re already busy with many other aspects of running your law firm. By letting outsourced SEO services for your law firm, you free up time into honing other aspects of your business.

You can ensure you’re following best practices. SEO experts know how to make your website follow all of Google’s SEO best practices. They help you get higher on search engine results pages, outperform your competitors, reach customers who are searching for legal services.

Working with A Law Firm SEO expert

OC SEO Marketing, a local digital marketing agency for law firms and attorneys, will help you get more sales, leads, and calls into your business. We have a team of specialized SEO consultants and experts who help your site rank at the top of the results, even in highly-competitive markets such as law firms.

Fueled by passion and a commitment to our client, our team of digital experts drives SEO performance for law firms and attorneys. We implement cutting-edge SEO techniques to give you the leg up you need to get noticed online, outrank your competitors, convert more prospects into clients and, ultimately boost sales. Learn how you benefit from our SEO services here.

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