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SEO for Construction Companies - 6 Steps for Ranking Success

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Does your construction company want to attract more target clients and boost revenue? Search Engine Optimization plans from Orange County SEO can help!

SEO marketing for construction company

What is SEO for Construction Companies?

Construction SEO is the practice of earning sustainable high-quality traffic through improvements and increased rankings in search engines like Google and Bing.

In reality, SEO for construction companies takes much longer than a few weeks to deliver results. It’s not a sprint that requires all-out effort for a short time. Instead, it’s like a marathon game that requires significant effort, persistence, and - most importantly - time.

Fortunately, Orange County SEO has listed 6 proven SEO steps for construction companies you can use to stay in the long-term SEO and successfully get a higher ranking on search engines.

Do construction companies need SEO?

A solid SEO strategy can help your construction company’s website appear near or at the top of search results when prospects are searching for services for yours. By boosting ranking higher on google your services drive more prospective clients and the chances are those visitors become paying customers.

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6 Steps for Construction SEO Success

Step #1: Do a Site Audit/ Website Analyzation

You probably look at your website every day. It seems there are no errors but your rankings still suck. It’s time to examine it with critical eyes. A comprehensive examination of website performance can help you determine whether or not it’s optimized to achieve your traffic goals, and if not, how you can improve it to increase performance.

  • Site load time: Slow load time negatively affects user experience. Google reserves high ranking high ranks for sites that have fast load times\

“53% of visitors leave a website if they have to wait three seconds or longer for the site to load” - According to Google Adsense Team

  • Domain Authority ranking: Every website has a domain score and you can conduct a quick online search to find out how authoritative your site is.

  • Robots: Review your robots.txt to make sure the robots can access, crawl and index important areas of your sites. That ensures your construction website is visible on search engines and gets rankings.

  • Onsite content: This factor included everything from the Homepage to onsite blogs. Regularly publishing quality content to rank well in search engine results.

  • H-tags: Heads tags, including headlines and sub-headlines, give your article context and structure. To optimize H-tags for SEO, add relevant keywords and make them short and interesting.

  • Sitemap: A sitemap is a list of pages on a website. A well-organized website structure makes it easy for robots to index. Check out to make sure your website has a sitemap. Then optimize it to make it easily indexable.

  • Meta content: Every web page or blog post should have a title tag and meta description, both of which are most important for SEO ranking. The title tags are short (50-60 characters) and include one or more keywords and brand names. Meta descriptions are a little bit longer

Better yet, hire a professional SEO for construction company to audit your site, so you can gain the best insight into your website’s hidden errors that are harmful to your SEO efficiency.

Step #2: Technical changes

Based on your website performance assessment, you can create a plan of action that includes technical changes and optimization to your website. Here are a few technical SEO:

  • Eliminate duplicate and thin content

  • Fix or remove broken links and pages

  • Decrease site load time

  • Apply SSL

  • Create and re-submit an XML sitemap

  • Make pages accessible to crawlers

  • Optimize for mobile and tablet

  • And more

Step #3: Perform Keyword Research

Keywords and phrases related to your business will provide a roadmap for most of your ongoing SEO strategy. You can start to do keyword research for your construction company using free tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner Tool and Answer the Public or paid tools like Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, or

Relevance: Choose the keywords and topics that are relevant to your construction niche while interesting your target customers.

User Intent: User intent indicates the motive or intention of users when they type the query into a search engine. Not all search queries have a high-purchase intent. There are 3 main types of search queries, informational queries, commercial investigation queries, and transactional queries. You will use keywords to generate content that fits each stage of your target customer’s sale journey, from finding information to looking for the best contractors, and ultimately purchasing your services.

High volume/ low difficulty:

The keyword research tools indicate volume and keyword difficulty. They will show you which keywords your competitors are ranking for, and which keywords your target audience is highly searching for. Do comprehensive research to find the high volume and valuable keywords your competitors are overlooking.

Step #4: Create High-Quality Content

Now that you’ve figured out what keywords and topics, it’s time to generate high-quality content that really serves your audience. Bring value to your readers and avoid getting lost in the melee Evaluate the quality of your content by considering the factors below:

  • Original

  • Updated often

  • Relevant to your customers

  • Factual

  • Linking to trustworthy sources

  • Segmented with the heading, subheading, and bulleted lists

  • Easy to understand

  • Engaging, interesting, and shareable

  • Putting keywords naturally

In addition, remember to insert a call to action to guide your readers toward the desired action.

Step #5: Earn backlinks

Building backlinks is the process of earning links from high-authority news sites and blogs. The backlink acquisition is one of the most decisive factors in your rankings on the first page of Google. Your construction website will tend to have high organic search engine rankings if it has a number of high-quality backlinks.

Step #6: Optimize Your Google My Business (GMB)

For construction companies with a local target audience, Google My Business (GMB) listing is particularly important. GMB provides the visual chance to list your business location on Google Maps and local search results. This Google feature is free and you can start to set up your Google My Business listing in several simple steps. Your optimized GMB listing should include the business address, phone number, opening/closing hours, specialties, map to address, professional image, and business description.

In short, here are 6 steps of SEO marketing for construction company:

Step #1: Do a site audit/ website analyzation

Step #2: Technical changes

Step #3: Perform Keyword Research

Step #4: Create high-quality content that brings value to your readers and solves their problems

Step #5: Earn backlinks from authority websites

Step #6: Optimize Google My Business for your construction company

SEO for Construction Companies at Orange County SEO Marketing Services

As a construction business owner, you have many things on your plate anyway. Construction SEO implementation is time-consuming. Since it’s not your expertise, there’s no shame in relying on others to help develop a stellar SEO strategy for your construction company. Orange County offers leading-edge SEO business solutions to small construction companies. We also help you create attractive websites and structure blog posts. Claim your free website audit and get our expert consultation directly at (714) 712-0697. With our support, you can harness the full power of construction SEO to gain greater visibility and improve traffic to your website.

SEO for Construction

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