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SEO 101 – Why is SEO important for your business?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

No matter if you are small or large business, if you are running your business on digital channels, it is a must that you should pay attention on SEO. SEO is one of the most misunderstand term in digital marketing, sometime you get it and sometime you don’t. It also requires many efforts in the long run. So what is SEO and is it worth to invest your time, money and effort into SEO marketing? Search no more, we got the answer right here!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which is the method involves in increasing the quality, quantity of the traffic to your website as well as get your web traffic organically. It is about understand your target customers and create what they are searching. In SEO, we determine what people search online, which words they use to search and what content they may want to consume. Knowing the answers to these, business owners may be able to build your connection with people who are searching for products and services you are providing.

Why do business owners need SEO?

Other marketing channels such as advertising, social media and other online marketing solutions can drive people into your website, most of website traffic come from search engine. Let discover what can SEO bring to your business.

1. SEO offers a long term results for your business

For people who just start a new website, SEO can be challenging. After a few months doing it, you may come to conclusion that “SEO doesn’t work”. However, as we mentioned before, SEO take time and effort. You’ll see the result within approximately 6-12 months. Although this may be a quite long time, the result is rewarding if you have done it correctly. Also the result can last for years and this is important for small business owners who are struggling to be successful. The visibility of your business on search engine is extremely profitable in the long term existence of your business.

2. Impressive ROI

SEO can bring surprisingly great return if you have a healthy investment and stable process. SEO can bring you more click than PPC marketing does. According to BrightEdge, 40% of revenue is captured by organic traffic so you have better optimize your organic keywords in your website. Now this process may take time and effort, but it is worthy. More organic keywords earning means higher click rate and may eventually turn into lead, sale or call.

3. SEO can be cheaper than other paid strategies

If you are willing to spend a more than 6-months period to do SEO, it can be cheaper than other paid marketing solutions. If you invest in SEO, you only need to strongly pay within the first period. If you do correctly, it will go by itself. You don’t have to pump money into it constantly. Compare to other paid marketing solutions which require monthly paid as long as you want the traffic into your website, this first period investment would be cheaper. Not to mention that paid advertising provide short term results only, for businesses which aim to last long, SEO is a better choice.

4. SEO is quantifiable

SEO will also offer you analytic data of your website, giving you a clear insight of your website activities. You can use the data to make decision on what and where need to be improved. Of course it will take time to learn to understand these data, but it is not only help you with your SEO but also help you with your business. There are tools that you can use to track on your website’s performance such as Google Console or Google Analytics. These tool give you information on who are your audience, your popular keywords or your top pages. Having this information help you understand your target customers and are you providing what they want, hence, improve your business.

5. SEO is credible and trusted by your audience

The goals of SEO is to build reliable and trust in search engine users. Back into the past, it was easy to gain SEO ranking by using some sorts of shortcuts. But now the internet users play the most important roles. Only qualified marketing effort can get to users. You need to offer nice-clean and easy to use website, good user experience and valuable content to earn the authority. But once you got the authority, your business will be trustful and more people will come to you.

To close this article,

SEO is important for any business that want to run their marketing activities online. SEO is not only increase your company’s visibility but also the only online marketing channel that can continuously pay dividend time after time. No matter big or small it is, SEO can bring your business many rewarding results. If you have difficulty in doing SEO, we as SEO experts can help. OC SEO Marketing is specialized in SEO Marketing and we can help you reach the top page of search engine as you always desire. Contact us for free quote!

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