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The Pros and Cons of Building a Website With Wix

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Wix offers users a free and premium solution to build a great-looking website with just a few clicks. If you’re thinking about building your small business website on the Wix platform, there are some pros and cons of building a website with Wix you need to take into account.


The Pros Of The Wix Website

Massive Template Collection

While some other platforms are extremely restricted with a few standard templates, Wix is generous with its templates, offering users over 500+ designer templates to choose from. That is a massive number with a wide variety of categories, ranging from different industries or types of business. Additionally, these templates come with some basic pre-entered content, so you can choose to either simply wipe it over or build new things on it.

Intuitive Drag And Drop Interface

Wix’s drag and drop interface is easy to use for beginners, even a person with no technical knowledge can build their Wix business website just in a few minutes. With a comprehensive FAQ section and video tutorials, everything is intuitive and well-explained so you can create your account, then build your website in the website editor by yourself.

Though it keeps things easy to use for beginners, it has enough options to turn your site into a real powerhouse by extended means. You also really customize the mobile experience which can be supplemented by coding.

Extend Your Site Features With Wix App Market

The Wix App Market most likely has widgets you’re looking for. Rather than give you a few toys to extend partial features to you in the editor, Wix has an entire ecosystem of apps that you can add more functionality and help you develop your online business strategies: invoicing, shipping, email marketing, chat, advertising, event, accounting, etc.

Market Your Site Easily

By default, Wix helps your website with SEO techniques and all you’ll need to do is give it a little guidance. For example, let it be more about your site and what areas your focus is on, you need to fill in page titles, alt tags, and meta descriptions. So your website will get found on search engine tools quickly.

Automatically Backup Your Wix Website

Your Wix website always has automatic backup so you don’t have to think about backups, security checks, and updates. It’s all done automatically. And if you make a mistake, like you delete a page, Wix has something called Site History, which will restore your website to a previous version of your choosing with a single click.

The Cons Of The Wix Website

Now, let’s take a look at 3 reasons why building a website with Wix might not have some disadvantages.

wix business website

Once you choose your template, that’s it

That means Wix templates aren’t interchangeable. After you’ve decided on a template, you can only customize and edit it, you can not switch to a new template. Nothing serious here except a word of caution - pick your template carefully! If you change your mind later, you’ll have to manually shift over all the content you’ve created on your original template to another. And if you want more flexibility in going to different templates, you should look at using WordPress instead.

All the cool features require a paid plan

The SEO and Google Analytics features are only accessible after upgrading your plan from free to paid. Website owners can’t see how well their site is performing if they are a freebie and this can be an annoyance at times since it is something as simple as a Google API connection.

Once built, you can’t move your website

Wix is fast enough, flexible enough, and doesn’t break your budget but what if your business outgrows the Wix capabilities in the future? Do you think you’ll just take your website and move? Unfortunately, when you sign on for Wix, they’ve got you for life. Wix doesn’t want people to export websites created with their technology. It is the biggest drawback to using Wix.

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