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Elements of a professionally designed website

In a growing digital age, businesses always need to change to adapt and thrive. Therefore, a website is an indispensable thing to bring your business image to customers through the Internet. A professional website will help you get a good impression on your potential customers.

With practical experience, we would like to synthesize the basic standards of a professional website, in order to help start-ups and businesses make the right decision when choosing their professional website design partner.

1. The website must have an eye-catching design

Beauty is what attracts the most viewers from the first moment. That is the first step we make to impress users when coming to your business website. Especially businesses that specialize in online business or online services.

Just like a store, a business, the decoration of the facade, the seating area is very important because those are the first impressions of customers when visiting your store or business. Customers will implicitly assess the professionalism of the business or a retail store through those first impressions. A well-designed website needs an eye-catching look and layout.

Saying so does not mean we need to choose to design a very colorful, perfect website or follow an artistic structure, but only that the website is towards simplicity and sophistication. More importantly, it will feel comfortable, easy to use, and when you look at it, the users will know what your business is in.

A well-designed website needs an eye-catching look
Eye-catching website

That website must have a layout to present information content in a reasonable and scientific way, suitable to the needs of users that the business wants to target. Most of the information on products and services, the business introduction should be complete and detailed, creating conditions for visitors to find out your information easily. Normally, when we see an attractive service or product on the Internet, we tend to call on our friends to consider, consult, and then proceed to purchase, if we receive a high consensus...

So when you own website design for sales and business website design with a beautiful and professional interface, it means that you have made a good impression on your customers.

2. The website must operate normally

The professional website design must ensure the ability to operate regularly and continuously, 24/7. This means they must be ready at all times, and without any slight hiccups.

When a visitor is interested in a product or service on your website, you need a tool to help them easily interact with a prominent buy or contact button and place it in an easy position. easy to see on the website. Also, put a link on all of the pages so that your customers can get the most from the home page. Make sure your website is easy to redirect for your visitors.

3. The website must be optimized

Professional website design not only shows through the appearance but also must be shown through the quality of the inside. The optimized website will make your business more prestigious in the eyes of users. Because thanks to the optimization process, your website will be displayed at the top of Google search and the user will visit it high.

The website needs to be optimized for speed, fast or slow access can be caused by the network of each person, by hosting (server) ... but the website should be optimized for images, how to load the page to achieve the fastest speed available. can. Because according to our observations, recent users, not patient enough for more than 15 seconds, if they visit the website and see them, they cannot load the page.

Regarding SEO (search engine optimization), the website needs to optimize on-page for content, keywords, friendly links ... so that Google can easily find your website, put it on the top 5 easily.

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Regarding SEO (search engine optimization), the website needs to optimize on-page for content, keywords, friendly links ...

4. The website must be easily managed

Like a traditional store, if you do not take good care of it, it will get old, become dusty and not a single customer wants to go to a store that is too old, nothing new. Website is no exception, you need to regularly take care of your website such as updating news, products, ... Therefore, the admin page must be built friendly, easy to use for management. should be better.

For designing sales websites, commercial websites, website owners must easily update product content. items, promotions as well as instructions to buy, pay in the most convenient way.

As for business websites, it requires a friendly admin interface to help the website manager change the time to manage the website while still transmitting the content to be displayed.

5. The website must be kept confidential

Naturally, you will never want your business to be hacked, so a website needs to be secure, avoiding hacking or hijacking customer information.

When the website has a vulnerability, cybercriminals can easily penetrate, attack and exploit data

When the website has a vulnerability, cybercriminals can easily penetrate, attack, and exploit data, causing the website to become infected, causing danger not only for the website owner but also for visitors. This will slow down your development. Therefore, it is indispensable when designing a professional website that is high security to prevent hacker attacks and sabotage.

6. The website must have rich content

Always bringing new things and satisfying customers will be the factor enough to retain customers. Online customers are the ones who mostly find information related to the topic they want.

You want the website to be on top on Google? What you need to do most is to retain the user for as long as possible. What reason for users to linger on your web site? Only when your website is enough to convince them, they enjoy news, certain information, they need the need to learn more, they want to discover many other interesting things. To increase such interactivity, you must ensure unique, attractive quality content, eye-catching images ... Turn your website into a useful source of information to attract your customers. visit the web again. If not, a website with sketchy content will mean that the website does not get high traffic.

The above are just basic standards for professional website design, and some other standards depend on the needs and development strategy of each business website.

During the process of cooperating with businesses looking to OC SEO Marketing to want a suitable website, we have summarized the basic standards when you want to build a website. There will be deeper standards depending on the needs and website development strategy of each type of business.

If you want to understand better and have a more accurate analysis of the business before having a website, you can contact OC SEO Marketing for a one-to-one consultation.

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