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Internal Link: 8 Tips for Internal Link Building

Internal Links are things that are often underrated in SEO in terms of usability and conversion, they are easy to do and often overlooked. This article will look at ways to build internal links that make a big difference in the results it brings.

What is Internal Link?

A web page can have 2 types of links. The first type is what we call External Links and these are links that point to the external pages of the web page.

For example, if you click on this link, you will go to our Facebook page.

Internal Links are links between pages in the same domain. In simpler terms, it's internal links, which are links from one page to another on the same site.

For example, if you click on this link, you will go to our Blog page

What is External Link?

External links are divided into Inbound Link and Outbound Link.

Inbound links are links that point to your website from other websites (also known as backlinks). Outbound links are links that point to other websites from your website.

The differences in External Link and Internal Link


Effects of Internal Links

If researching the right set of keywords from the beginning will help your website develop properly, building internal links will help improve website quality, increase user experience, and directly impact rankings keyword.

Google crawls websites by following links, inside and outside, using a bot called a Google bot. This bot goes to the homepage of the website, starts displaying the page, and follows the first link. By following links, Google determines the relationship between different pages, posts, and content. This way, Google finds out which pages on your site cover similar topics. When you plan to build Internal Links, the website structure will be optimized, helping the content on your website to link more closely, increasing the trust and clarity of the web topic in Google.

When the content on the same website has a clear and logical navigation link through the appropriate anchor text, the authority of the domain name (Domain Authority) and the strength of the website (Page Authority) will increase proportionally.

Here are 8 tips to build an Internal Link:

1. Build internal links on sites with a high Page rank index.

2. Put internal links from other sites to important landing pages.

3. Building internal links in articles with lots of important information.

4. Place the internal link on the home page.

5. Links that motivate visitors to act (call to action - Calls to action).

6. Add link whenever it will be useful to readers. If the pages don't have relevant content, don't link

7. Links from the new page to the old site and from the old page to the new page. Do you already have a new blog related to a higher value blog or page? Add an internal link. Got an older post that's still getting traffic from search engines or sharing on social media? Just add an internal link.

8. Find broken links! Broken links are bad for SEO. Use a broken link checker to find and fix them. Click here for more details on how to fix broken links.



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In conclusion, Internal linking is very important, through linking and clicking on these links, Google users will know what your page is about, so Internal Link is considered one of the most important SEO factors.

However, creating internal links are not too difficult, every time you write a new article, you should have the habit of linking internally in the paragraph where you feel the need to add links to bring value to users.


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