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What’s Driving the Cost of SEO for Lawyers: 7 Factors to Consider

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Law firms will certainly take these metrics into consideration when considering hiring an SEO law firm services and estimate how much you should pay for it.


What You Want to Achieve with SEO

Your desired goals for search engine optimization and the types of services you choose certainly drive the cost of SEO for law firms. The high goals you set, the more you will pay since the types of SEO services you need are based on your goals. There are fundamental SEO aspects of your search engine marketing including:

  • Local SEO Services for Law Firms

  • Search Keywords

  • On-page SEO

  • Blogging and evergreen content

  • Authority and link building

A reliable SEO agency will provide your law firm with a website SEO audit, analyzing your current SEO performance before they offer the services. You should discuss your goals and have them clarify how their SEO service can help you achieve the goals. In case, you’re still confused and ambiguous about the SEO field, just ask them to make sure you can benefit from what you will pay.

The Type of Law You Practice

The area of practice has the most impact on how much you should pay for SEO for law firm services since it will determine how competitive and difficult to get rank organically in your niche. In particular, some law practices are incredibly competitive with much larger markets such as personal injury lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, and family attorneys. If you’re in, SEO law firm services may make up a bunk of money. However, not all practices face the same challenges in ranking, such as probate attorneys or tax lawyers. The average cost for SEO services in this area seems less high compared to others.

To make this point clearer, let’s take a look at the below picture. Here’s a quick overview of how competitive it is for different types of law sectors to rank:


It’s obvious that law areas are fiercely competitive and how to rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs) must be a daunting question. Keyword Difficulty (KD) indicates how hard it is to rank organically on the first page, the volume reflects monthly searches, and CPC is how much it generally costs for each click on a paid ad. The more difficult the landscape, the more the company will have to invest, both time, energy, and money to get your law firm's website visible on the top.

The SEO Agency’s Size and Expertise

You are paying an SEO agency for their expertise, knowledge, and time. It’s hard to compare which one is better between small and big names. A big agency often offers a lower cost while a small SEO agency might be highly qualified and know how to win in their small niche.

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Size of Your Law Firm’s Market

The size of your market is going to contribute to the cost of law firm SEO services. The bigger religions you’re targeting, the more lawyers there are. For example, big markets like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles will have a larger population and more attorneys offer their services there.

Just by ranking the 1st on search engine tools, you will see a substantial increase in business performance. However, as soon as you get a higher rank, other competitors immediately take action to take back their position. That means search engine optimization in these big markets is more fierce - leading to greater challenges to rank locally and organically. To get and remain at a high rank, you have to take a lot of energy and money and it drives the final costs you pay for a law firm SEO agency.


To drive traffic to your law firm’s website, you need to create a long-term content strategy that offers real value to your potential customers. When they’re searching queries related to your field, your content is able to help them solve their problems. The content should be designed to answer questions your prospective clients are looking for. A strategic content marketing funnel is the core of that plan and it should be designed to nurture them to become paying customers.


Well, when someone makes a law-related query or finds a legal service. You have good and fresh content that might be best in class and the most helpful. You also offer a good service. But how the audience can find you. On-page SEO just answers half of the puzzle. You need to pay for building your backlinks profile.

Backlinks mean that high-quality websites recommend and link to your website, it’s when Google takes notice. The more high-quality backlinks you earn, the more authority score your domain has. Acquiring good backlinks from a range of referring domains will affect how much you’re paying for SEO.

Choosing the Right Services

There are many different factors that influence how much law firm SEO services cost. You need to consider the factors discussed above and decide how much budget you will invest in boosting your law firm's SEO.

After all, the most important thing is to find a reliable SEO agency that has extensive and specialized knowledge in your law practice. You need the best SEO company for lawyers to see results and grow your firms. And we’re here to help. OC SEO Marketing provides SEO services for lawyers in Orange County, CCA. We focus on results-driven search engine optimization and get the results you want.

If you want to rank higher locally and organically if you want to sign more legal cases every month, get in touch to see how we can help with an affordable cost.


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