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3 Strategic Tips to Boost Your Law Firms Website Visibility

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Mastering the art of search engine optimization or SEO for law firm can be a headache for a lawyer. While most law firm owners understand the importance of building a website presence in attracting customers and boosting revenues, may know little about SEO and how to do it.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up 5 do-it-yourself tips you can start to implement to boost your law firm website ranking. With these law firm SEO tips, increasing lead generation and positioning your name high on search engines won’t seem as daunting.

1. Identify Keywords About Your Practice Area

2. Create High-quality and SEO-friendly Content

3. Activate Your Google My Business Account as Soon as Possible


1. Identify Keywords About Your Practice Area

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO and you need to do it first to find out what keywords or phrases your audience and prospects are typing to find a law firm like you. A successful SEO strategy heavily relies on using the right keywords to attract your target audience to your website. The effective keyword strategy is the combination of short-tail and long-tail keywords along the different stages of the search/sales funnel. Let us explain in more detail.

Short-tail keywords vs Long tail keywords

Short-tail keywords cover very broad topics and have no more than three words. This inherently makes them more popular and high-volume search terms. For example, short-tail keywords such as “personal injury lawyer”, “criminal defense lawyer”, and “legal service” typically refer to broad topics and they’re fiercely competitive to beat the high spots. Thus, focusing on short-tail keywords is simply not enough to make your law firm website stand out in the crowded world.

Conversely, long-tail keywords have more than three words and are highly focused, and target specific audiences. In its nature, long-tail keywords have low volume searches, but you can use these unpopular terms to target exactly your audience.

Building keywords funnels for your law firm SEO strategy

Short-tail keywords are working on the top of the sales funnel while long-tail keywords target the bottom of the sales funnel. Since short terms are high search volume, they can play a role as attract high traffic to your website, then boosting SEO law firm ranking and the chance to convert. Your audience uses short-tail keywords to find information and long-tail keywords to compare the product and make purchase decisions. Therefore, the best strategies are to combine two types of keywords to achieve the final goals of SEO.

Source SeekPNG

2. Create High-quality and SEO-friendly Content

Each blog post needs to answer the inquiry or search term used by users

The content on your law firm's website should be able to provide preliminary answers to the questions a potential client is looking for. Search engines always look for the best relevant answers and if your site is likely to fulfill the user’s intern, it’s more likely to feature your law firm's website higher up on its search engine results page.

You need to have specific content on your website that tells your potential client about your practice area.

Your content should be keyword-optimized

Your content should be unique and provide value to the audience. But before it can be shown up to the audience, make sure your content is SEO friendly so that it makes it easier for search engine bots to crawl and evaluate your site. You have to make it clear which keyword is targeted for each page and put the keyword in the crucial positions on the site, including:

  • Title tag

  • Description tag

  • Headings and subheadings

  • Evenly throughout paragraphs

  • The web page’s URL

While you start incorporating keywords throughout your law firm’s website, the key is to put them naturally in strategic places with a healthy amount of keywords. Overusing keywords will make your site feel like spam and eventually hurt the ranking.


3. Activate Your Google My Business Account as Soon as Possible

Building Business Profile is also one of the best ways to manage how your law firm will appear in search results, especially for local searches. If you’ve already had your business account, make sure your profile is up-to-date with the basic information: address, hours, pictures, domain, positive reviews, etc.

The most important are the reviews. When a prospective client is searching and your law firm pops up. They’re going to your domain and leave information if they find your services or products get a ton of positive reviews. You can start building a process to ask your customers to leave their reviews on your services and businesses.

We hope with these SEO tips, you’ll feel more at ease with SEO. Contact OC SEO Services for Lawyers if you need assistance with reaching your online goals. We specialize in boosting your local SEO ranking and helping you generate quality leads in your areas. Phone us at (714) 712-0697 for a free professional SEO consultation.


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