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SEO Analysis

If you have been doing SEo for so long and do not know where you are, you must get this FREE SEO report. SEO overview analysis can help you determine number of key words both organic and paid you are owning and number of website visitors you are having. From this you can measure the effiency of your SEO marketing activities. 


One of the important thing in the search engine competition is to understand your competitors. This report not only determine your top competitors, but also give you comparison between your website and competitors website. From this you can learn how your competitors are doing with their SEo and come back to optimize your website to beat them in SEO ranking. 

SEO Ranking

You can get completed ranking report . Our report determine your SEO ranking in general as well as ranking of each keywords. We include the keywords you newly gain and the keywords you have lost so that you can have a clear view  

Backlinks Reports

A completes SEO report must have backlink analysis. The audit determine your backlink monthly click, domain strength and number of keywords in your backlink. By this way you can see which links are working and which links need further improvement.


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OC SEO Marketing  is a creative marketing agency in Orange County, CA. We are #1 digital marketing company in the area. 

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