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Your business is growing but not fast enough. You want to catch the last trail of leads to convert into customers and sales but still can’t. You feel stuck and frustrated with the results from your marketing effort.

As business owner ourselves, we understand the struggle and hardship in driving customers or sale to your business. But our online marketing solutions can help you overcome this difficulty. 

OC SEO Marketing is one of the department from Irvine Marketing. We are specialized in SEO MArketing. OC SEO Marketing also offers the powerful online marketing solutions with Web Design, SEO, Email Marketing and Content Creation. Our custom-built solutions to your business will bring more leads to you, and in turn, give way for your success and build your brand. We are especially expert in SEO Marketing to get your on Google 1st page and drive more web visitors.  

How We Do It?



Before launching any plans, we proceed with our research team to learn your business and analyze the best marketing solutions for you. By understanding the vision you put out for your company, we do our best to assist you to get the results you want.



Our dedicated marketing team will put together a digital marketing plan just for your business to reach your goal. We understand that one size can’t fit all, and with our custom-built plan, we execute the best solutions for your business.



Being technology-driven gives us unlimited possibilities in running your marketing campaign. Your job is just sit back and relax, we will deal with all of the problems to give the most satisfied marketing results



Our productive, highly accurate methods deliver the best results in a given time. How are we sure about that? Running reports every week helps us, and your business, to keep track of your company's success.


Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing. – Mike Volpe

We Focus SEO Marketing Only

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Why Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing creates endless possibilities for businesses include email, video, social media, or web-based marketing. Digital marketing is providing businesses with diversified marketing platforms with measurable metrics and budget-friendly campaign to communicate effectively with target customers.

OC SEO Marketing goal is to promote your business within your area by increasing the overall visibility online.

After all, you grow we grow.

We are your # 1 digital marketing solution.


"In just 6 months using OC SEO services, my business page is in Google searching first page. OC SEO Marketing saved so so much time and used their specialty in marketing to promote my business! They are truly top SEO Company in Orange County!.


January 10, 2019

"My website is poor qualified and it is hard to increase my SEO ranking in Orange County marketing place. Therefore I came to OC SEO Marketing. By enhancing SEO and managing my social media, my brand reached Google Top 1 search in Orange County !"


February 10, 2020

"OC SEO Marketing team helped us fix our website traffic disaster. We had a beautiful website with all our products that we are promoting, but there were no visitors to our website. David from OC SEO Marketing fixed my SEO issues on my website, within a month, we have seen big improvement on the website vist!"


March 10, 2020


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